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Website creation basics

Posted by admin on November 23, 2012

I often hear “I know nothing about having a website” and get asked “What do I need to do to have a website?”

You need the following:

1)      Get a website name (called domain name)

2)      Get website hosting (called Hosting)

3)      Build website pages (called web pages)

Example of a home phone

1)      Phone number = Website name = Domain name

 Just like a home telephone number that is unique to your home address.

A domain name (website name) is unique to your website on the internet address.

2)      Home = Website Hosting = Hosting

Web Hosting is the physical home of your website. This is where the web pages are put; including text, images and files. Also this is where your emails are kept. 

3)      Furniture = Website pages = Web pages

Web pages are like furniture of the home. That is where the text and images get laid out in a special design and decoration. Those pages physically reside (loaded and saved) on the web host server (Hosting).

So how does the internet work?

Go to your computer

Open an internet browser, like [Internet Explorer], [Chrome], [Firefox] or [Safari]

Type a website name in the address area

This is what happens when you make such request

  • Like dialing a home phone number
  • The call goes to that home address
  • when someone answers the call from that home
  • This is when your website appears to you in the browser
  • So every time you go to a website; it is like making a call to a home phone
  • In the internet case, that is making a request to that website host server to give you access to the web pages for that site

Few things that you may want to know:

Registering a domain name:

  • Pick a domain name (website name) that represents what you want to load on the internet like (
  • You would use a “REGISTRAR” to do the registration of that name
  • Some famous registrars are:
    •,,,,, etc
  • Or your website developer (like s2h) can do that.
  • Make sure that you own the domain name i.e. it is registered in your name
  • Make sure that you get all information to that domain name registration and have access to it (user name and password)

 Web hosting

  • You would need to find a web hosting company
  • Or use for any kind of services

Website development

  • There are sites and environments that allow you to develop your own website. But if you are a novice that is easier said than done. You would need a web developer to do that.  s2h has a great reputation for doing the task of creating a website a smooth and straight forward exercise. We take the pain and the mystery out it and help you put your message out on the internet. Even help you write the content and find the right images.

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