Hosting Services

s2h cloud services hosting IT supports2h partners with top tier hosting providers. We not only work with them closely; we oversee all aspects of the environment from new technologies, infrastructures, strategy, all the way to the physical hosting locations.

You will only work with us directly. A familiar, reliable and trusted provider. We take away the mystery out of the technology and mitigate any issue that you can face with a hosting company.

These are same providers that we use for our SaaS cloud based applications.

Whether you are looking to host your web site or have your own Dedicated server? We work with you to understand your requirements and use the ideal service for you, we provide you with great cost savings that you would not be able to get with identical service.

Choose from a slew of Hosting services

  • Web site hosting
  • VPS (virtual server)
  • Dedicated Servicer
  • Cloud services
  • Windows or Linux

We are the partner that you trust and rely on. This we will not compremise on nor risk our relationship with you. That is our promise to you.

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