Mobile Apps

132243165662GfBU.jpgs2h provides Mobile applications for a variety of functions; Business, Social, Gaming. We consistently enhance our competencies in the technical field which is vital to introducing innovation technology which is central to today's world and the rapidly growing mobile domain.

Our strong expertise in the mobile application development, knowledge and experience of building mobile applications on the major mobile operating systems: iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, J2ME.

s2h's mobile phone work reflect — creativity, innovation, vision, efficiency and reliability.

iPhone applications

s2h's iPhone professionals strive to stay ahead of the curve. By developing cutting-edge iPhone applications and leveraging their knowledge in the iPhone SDK. Building revolutionary phone-specific features like, multi-touch interface, accelerometer, proximity sensor, dialer, address book, and calendar. We utilize the latest iPhone development utilities that include intuitive graphics that fit in place with the other iPhone applications.

iPhone 5

iPad applications

s2h adopts the newest technologies and stay up to date on present trends as part our organizational philosophy. Our know-how in iPhone development has been a powerful drive to recreate similar level of expertise on the iPad, the revolutionary tablet that Apply introduced to the market and is getting great adoption in business and consumer markets alike. s2h's iPad submissions utilize inherent state-of-the-art characteristics such as Multi-Touch interface, Location-based services, Wireless and Bluetooth.


Android applications

It was a natural extension of our expertize in the open source world to the Android Application Development. Our overall development experience with our mobile devices coupled with advanced object oriented programming skills were strong driving factors behind delivering innovative applications that meet diverse and demanding requirements in this expanding arena.

Android phone & tablet

BlackBerry Applications

We are excited about the new direction that BlackBerry is taking and with J2ME support and web development environment which allows s2h's mobile application development professionals to apply their object oriented expertise and web development expertise on BlackBerry, which are user-friendly and data efficient data processing.

Windows phone & tablet Applications

With s2h's rich experience with Windows technologies like Visual Studio and .Net. Adapting Windows 8 phone application development feels like second nature to the root of our development work. We can port wireless applications and develop innovative Windows 8 phone apps. The new platform is very intuitive and rich for phones and tablets. It is a next advancement and "completing the circle" on the windows platform.

Java ME

J2ME's platform independence, automatic memory management and Java Runtime Environment makes it a popular choice for mobile devices including the BlackBerry. J2ME incorporates advanced features like Bluetooth, WAP, GPRS, and Location Based Services. Utilizing Java expertise in the enterprise gives it another advantage.

Hybrid Applications

Mobile devices are integrated tightly into our daily routine and Business. They have become an inherent part of our lives. Unfortunately, each device platform differs completely for other platform. Apple device do not share the same technology as Android devices for example. Thus making the development effort a more laborious task. Hybrid applications bridge this gap and makes use of commonalities that the mobiles have. Mainly the use of mobile web website technology. Developers would write code in HTML, CSS and JavaScript and utilise the common part for all devices. In order to take advantage of each device features; a native code has to be used to utilise device capabilities as camera, local storage, geolocation, etc. it is a great solution for multiple device implementation with some compromise on high graphic performance.