A portal is website that serves as a gateway for users to access a range of resources and services related to a same interest, organization or groups. It is a starting point for information sharing and centralization. The portal is responsible for centralizing links and report that are easily integrated and organized. It can serve many functions including but not limited to surfing the internet, access reports on systems or access other system resources.


It can serve as a central area for a variety of applications like blogs, wikis, forums, CRM, search engines, electronic shopping, among others.

Our work started from the ground up; where we initially developed our own portal in 2005. But now with the availability of a good number of portals and engines that we were very successfully in collaborating with our clients to deliver great solution for internet or intranet uses.

Our work with various Corporations, Not-for-profit organization has provided them with a common facility to their stake holder, employees and community.

Whether your needs are internal to the organization, customer facing or the general public. A Portal can serve a great facility to provide a common and consistent interface for your requirement.

Many organization and groups need their own Facebook or Myspace like solution. s2h can help you to achieve your goals, organization or community needs.