CMS Website

Looking to make changes on your website immediately?

Tired of calling the "web developer", "website designer", "website guy"?

Ask us about how we put control in your hands. Using CMS (Content Management System) tools that help you to make changes on your website, just like using a word editor. With secure interface from your website, you can make changes on the website by editing the content text, images, colours, etc.

Content management system software (CMS) is designed to store, organize, create, publish, process and power all your online endeavors. There are many CMS tools available in the market. Some of those CMS tools focus on certain areas like Blogs. Others are more generic. We have been using CMS tools to help our clients take control of their website since 2005.

s2h CMS content management system

Here is a short list of some popular tools in today's CMS market are:

  • Wordpress
  • Joomla
  • Dropal
  • Sharepoint
  • Concrete5

We have implemented various websites and web environments using those tools and others.

Our extensive experience in the CMS and EMS arena give us a distinct advantage over the competition.
We choose the right CMS for your requirements.

Let us take the pain out of maintaining and updating your website.

Our services cover:

  • Registering the website name (domain name)
  • Setting up the host environment to put your web site pages
  • Developing the website
  • Populating web page if needed
  • Training website admin on how to update the pages (1 hour exercise)
  • Supporting you post implementation (we'll never leave you in the cold)
  • Informing you on how to promote your website
  • Running advertising campaign

It is not only using a tool to build a website that is important. Total support of our clients needs is what we focus on.

We are there when you need us and as long as you need us.