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Domain registration

One of the first things that you have to do when creating a web site is choosing a domain name. That can be challenging when many of the best names have already been taken.

register domain names

Domain names can be anything that you can think of:

  • Make up a word like squidoo.com
  • Use a word of combination of words (could be unrelated to your web site) like boingboing.com
  • Add prefixes or suffixes or other letters to a real word (Friendster.com or Engadget.com)
  • Add an article like "a" or "the" (TheSuperficial.com)

These are only some ideas to get the creative juices going.

A Domain name is like a phone number, unique to your web site. It get registered with online domain name registration companies called registrars. Make sure that you own that domain name and have full control over it.

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