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Application Development

s2h started out as an Internet company, highly focused on Web Services. Whether you want to develop a simple web site, provide online e-commerce or build a sophisticated web application that integrates to your ERP! We have the skills and experience to deliver your solution on time, within budget and the quality you want to rely on.

s2h application development web mobile ERPIf you are looking for Mobile apps, Analytics or try new technology that is not part of your existing platform. It has been our philosophy to be at the fore front of technology.

We provide high quality service and apply high standard of project management techniques in order to meet your expectations.

We have adapted a flexible model to enable us to deliver software applications to small as well as large corporations. If you are a Start-up, SMB or Not-for-Profit we work with you to understand to motivation, objectives and goals behind each engagement.

Application Development steps

1272955937e3zeCp.jpgReceive request or RFP

We start work as soon as we receive your request, written or verbal. We would sign a Non-disclosure agreement (NDA) in cases where confidential information, intellectual property (IP) or if you want to share cutting edge ideas, innovative solutions that involves your business.

Prepare Proposal

After gathering the information about your project, we review the requirements, goals and objective with you. We provide a proposal based on the requirements analysis that we put together by our professionals.

Submit agreement

After ironing out the details and scope of the work we forward an agreement based on the engagement model that best suits your needs. We can only start work after this agreement has been signed by the client.

Analyse Project and define specifications

Detailed requirements and business analysis proceeds by the development team and the work gets assigned to according to schedule and the defined specifications.

Develop Application

This step can take many forms, from preparing a prototype, to very detailed Software development life-cycle. We work with start-ups and small companies one-on-one, very close hands on approach, just what you expect, want and need form working with a good developer, to give maximum control and flexibility. On the other hand our work with bigger organizations is more structured, mapped and methodological to provide expected results. The use the development model and cycle that best fits the existing situation, may it be Waterfall, Iterative, or Agile or even code fix situation. We will adapt that one which is the right for your project and in agreement with you.

Testing by client

Although it is integral to the development process; this step is important to delivering and finalizing of a project and it would include, fixes, adjustment and user sign off.

Deliver post implementation support

We pride ourselves on the quality of our work and support. We work with you to define the best support model that fits your needs and environment. We always provide post implementation warranty period as we recognise that the early days after finishing the work are very important for the client to get everything right and have immediate support if needed.

Methods of engagement

s2h has different models of engagement with clients. It all stems from a long term vision to that relationship and to provide our clients with choice to how they choose to work with us.


We have done some creative models in working with creative clients.

  1. Fixed price
  2. Time and material
  3. Dedicated team (outsourcing)
  4. Future opportunity

1. Fixed Price

We assess the task and project and negotiate the fixed amount at the onset of the project. This means that the requirements and scope are very well defined. Any additional work to the defined scope with will be charged to the client at an additional pre-set rate. We carry some risk when we adopt this method and thus requirements are managed very carefully to avoid any scope creep and change or direction. The big advantage to the client that they have a clear set cost for a define task and time frame.

2. Time and material

We get paid for work based on hourly rate and additional expenses on periodic basis. Although the cost is variable but often works to the advantage of the client as they have all the say to where the work goes.

3. Dedicated team (outsourcing)

s2h gets paid for working hours for selected team members. This engagement can as flexible as the client needs or as controlled, scoped and budgeted as the client wants. It has great advantage for extending a company’s IT team and capabilities with a lot of flexibility to the personal and expertise.

4. Future opportunity

This kind of engagement can be creative to suit the client's outlook and project. Our goal here is to be as flexible as the client wants us to be by covering our cost with a flexible margin as per project requirements. Example of that is where we only cover our cost for an eCommerce site, but have a model where we make a profit when the client starts making a profit.